Tracking Parkinson's
Tracking Parkinson's

Data sharing projects

Sharing the data we have collected over the past ten years with bona fide researchers around the world has been a key aim of Tracking Parkinson's since its inception.  By granting access to our data, we further expand the reach and impact of our ground-breaking data and biosample respositories.


In addition to the research we do within Tracking Parkinson's and through our active collaborations, we also accept applications from external researchers who wish to use our data and biosamples for their own, independent research.  


Each application is reviewed by our Data & Biosample Access Committee and successful applicants then receive access to anonymised clinical data and occasionally, biosamples for analysis.


Below is a list of researchers who are making use of our data and biobank.

Project name Principal investigator
The impact of Type 2 diabetes on the progression of Parkinson's disease (IMP-PD)

Dr Dilan Athauda,

University College London

Comprehensive Multivariable Deep Learning Models to Identify Predictors of Cognitive and Motor Changes in PD (DeeP-PD: Dementia Progression in PD)

Professor Charles Venuto,

University of Rochester

Applying Reinforcement Learning to Treatment Recommendation for Parkinson's Disease (RL for PD Treatment)

Professor Rosa Ho-man Chan,

City University of Hong Kong

Validation of Parkinson's Stratification Sub-types using Artificial Intelligence

Andrew Burgess, Greenhouse Intelligence Ltd

Prevail Therapeutics Parkinson's Natural History (Prevail PD Natural History Study)

Daniel Hatch,

Prevail Therapeutics

Type 2 Diabetes and Parkinson's disease

Dr Alastair Noyce,

Queen Mary University of London

Mapping Proteomics to Parkinson's disease (MAP2PD-UK)

Professor Simon Lovestone

University of Oxford

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