Tracking Parkinson's
Tracking Parkinson's


As we enter the closing stages of the study, please complete data entry on paper CRFs, and then liaise with the study co-ordinator in Glasgow to arrange for courier transfer of all your CRFs.


For most centres, this means the final patient visit in the study (which is delayed for many cases as a result of COVID).


Your CRFs will be checked, and any new data will be entered by the Glasgow team. 

28/08/2020 UPDATE

We have received approval to re-start study visits after a period of suspension due to COVID-19.  All relevant documents, including new guidance on remote visits, are available to download from Resources>Documents.  


The circumstances and resources at each study site will be different and will change over the coming months.  As such, the study team expects that it may not be appropriate to resume follow-up visits immediately, or that visits may need to be paused again as circumstances change.


The safety of our participants and our researchers is paramount and we extend our sincere thanks to everyone involved for their efforts during this time.

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