Tracking Parkinson's
Tracking Parkinson's



As we move into the close-out phase of the study, the online database has been made redundant.


Please collect data on paper CRFs and email scans to the study coordinator.  Data entry will be completed by the Glasgow team.  For most centres, this will be the final patient visit. 


The advice remains the same since our August 2020 update in response to the pandemic: 

  • Visits may be conducted face-to-face in clinic or at home, or remotely by telephone or video call. 
  • Please complete as many of the forms and questionnaires as possible given your local regulations.  At a minimum, this would be the Medications form and all patient questionnaires. 


The deadline for data collection is 31 December 2022.


Once all data has been collected, please review the Site Closure and Archiving process.


Please contact the study coordinator with any questions.


Information and documents relevant to delivery of the study

Patient visits

Blank CRFs and expense forms

Serum samples

Blood kits and how to send samples to biobank

Study Documents

Current documents and version control

Investigator meetings


and slides

Site closure

How to close your site and archive CRFs at Glasgow


Coordinating study team in Glasgow

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