Tracking Parkinson's
Tracking Parkinson's


Tracking Parkinson's is a UK based study



The study is funded by Parkinson's UK


It has been running since 2011


There are over 2500 participants


Site outline


People with Parkinson's and their siblings

Information about the Study, and a link to answering questionnaires


Study Nurses and Doctors

Study guide notes, and links to data entry, review, and useful audit tools


Cardiff Central Lab

Information about sample handling, storage, and shipping

Our Research


We depend entirely on the huge numbers of participants who contribute so much to our clinically based research. We are enormously grateful for your input. You are part of the largest ever detailed study into Parkinson's!


We are working hard to find out new things about Parkinson's. All of our detailed results are made freely available to everyone, including study participants, and other researchers around the globe.


The level of research collaboration nationally and internationally has reached new heights. We share our data, samples, and research findings, to help understand more, and to develop better treatments.

Thank you for your interest in the Tracking Parkinson's study!



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