Tracking Parkinson's
Tracking Parkinson's

Site Closure

If your site is unable to continue with the study, please notify tracking-parkinsons[at] as soon as possible, noting if you intend to see patients up to a certain visit, e.g. complete all Visit 9s.  

Before initiating archiving process 


Inform the coordinating centre in Glasgow that your site is closing via tracking-parkinsons[at]
2. Ensure all your data is entered into ClinBase – this is required to transfer any funding for Visits 8-11
3. Respond to any outstanding data queries on ClinBase
4. Submit any outstanding expense claims (patient/nurse travel) to tracking-parkinsons[at]
Advise Glasgow of following
1. Number of CRF binders you will be shipping
2. Number of archive boxes required (if any)
3. Total number of archive boxes to be shipped
4. Dimensions of archive boxes (L cm x W cm x H cm)
5. The preferred collection date
6. The precise address of collection
7. Name and contact details for person who will be on site on the day of collection
Before packing
1. Check each CRF and REMOVE ANY PATIENT-IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION e.g. address labels, notes, expense forms
2. Please resolve any outstanding data queries on ClinBase
Packing & Shipping
1. Complete an Archive Master sheet
2. Complete a Box Contents sheet for each box to be shipped, print and place in the relevant box 
3. Email the Archive Master sheet and Box Contents sheet(s) to tracking-parkinsons[at]
4. Mark each box with number, i.e. Box 1 of 4, and affix shipping labels supplied by Glasgow
5. Move boxes to agreed collection point
6. Glasgow will confirm once they have received your archives

Thank you for your work on Tracking Parkinson's!

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