Tracking Parkinson's
Tracking Parkinson's

Processing blood samples

Blood sample kits

Samples are taken at the following visits 

Diagnosis <3 years Visit 4 (18 months)
  Visit 7 (36 months)
  Visit 9 (54 months)
  Visit 10 (72 months)
  Visit 11 (90 months)
Relatives Visit 2 (36 months)
2 SST red tubes
6 Freezer tubes (Used and retained locally; to be frozen at -80°c)
1 Vacutainer guide
1 Vacutainer needle
2 Pipettes

Sample preparation

Serum sample preparation

Step 1

Invert tube gently 5 times - DO NOT SHAKE - allow to clot for 30 minutes at room temperature
Step 2 Now process ASAP, ideally <1 hour to Step 3.  If there is going to be a delay until centrifuge, place on ice.  
Step 3 Spin for 10-15 minutes at 1500-2200g (which is approximately 4000-5000rpm) in cooled centrifuge
Step 4 Pipette serum from each tube into 3 plain cap freezer tubes, then freeze asap at -80°c.  Keep on site until collection is arranged directly with Cardiff.

Shipping samples

Serum samples are sent to Cardiff University on dry ice.  Below are instructions for organising this for your site.  You will first need to complete a coversheet and a samples sheet, which can be downloaded below.  Note the documents are on separate sheets of a single Excel workbook.  

PRoBaND Serum Sample Coversheet & Serum Samples Sheet
Microsoft Excel sheet [13.2 KB]
1 Contact Ying Lewis via email or 029 2068 8365
2 Ensure that the correct labels have been attached to the tubes.  Ensure that the 2D barcode on the bottom of the tubes is not obscured by the label.
3 Email the coversheet and samples sheet to Ying Lewis, providing postal address where the samples are to be collected.
4 The Cardiff team will send a box of dry ice to your site.  The size of the box will depend on the number of samples being transported.
5 You will receive a confirmation of the date the box will arrive and the date the samples will be collected (i.e. the following day).  Please ensure you acknowledge this confirmation.
6 The box containing dry ice will be sent by TNT courier to your site.  The box will also contain an envelope with the return consignment note and return address labels.  PLEASE KEEP THIS SAFE.
7 Put the sample tubes or boxes of samples into plastic bags before putting them into the dry ice.
8 Seal the box securely, retaining courier consignment note and UN3373 biological specimen labels.  Attach the return address labels and UN3373 label.  Ensure that the dry ice label and UN3373 label are both clearly visible.
9 The consignment note has barcode stickers on the back.  Stick one of these onto the parcel so that the consignment note can be linked with the the parcel should the two become separated.
10 The courier will collect the box on the agreed date for delivery to Cardiff.
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