Tracking Parkinson's
Tracking Parkinson's

Patient Visits

CRF & Data Entry

Data Entry

If you have pre-arranged to have your data entered by the coordinating centre in Glasgow, send scanned CRFs to  

CRF Download
Cohort Visit Section
All All Administration Entry
P3 0-7 All
P3 8-9


  8 All
  9 All
  9 Clinician
  9 Patient
P3 10-11 All
  10 All
  10 Clinician
  10 Patient
  11 All
  11 Clinician
  11 Patient
P50 0-2 All
R All All
R 2 All
  2 Clinician
  2 Patient

Blood Packs

There are two types of packs used in the study: Baseline* and Follow-up.


Contents and ordering information are detailed on the Supplies page.


The paper CRF contains colour-coded forms and barcodes required to label the tubes. 


*Recruitment is now closed so Baseline kits are no longer required.

Serum sample preparation

Step 1

Invert tube gently 5 times - DO NOT SHAKE - allow to clot for 30 minutes at room temperature
Step 2 Now process ASAP, ideally <1 hour to Step 3.  If there is going to be a delay until centrifuge, place on ice.  
Step 3 Spin for 10-15 minutes at 1500-2200g (which is approximately 4000-5000rpm) in cooled centrifuge
Step 4 Pipette serum from each tube into 3 plain cap freezer tubes, then freeze asap at -80°c.  Keep on site until collection is arranged directly with Cardiff.


Visit 8 - 11 Funding

Sites will receive funding for all completed Visits 8 - 11.  The coordinating centre in Glasgow will verify that data for visits is complete then prompt local finance departments to raise invoices quarterly.  


Beyond submitting data for each visit, no action is required by researchers to ensure payments are made.


Send queries to here.  

Expense Forms
Patient travel
Nurse travel (home visits)
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