Tracking Parkinson's
Tracking Parkinson's


Information and documents relevant to delivery of the study

20/03/2019 | Advice on Visit 10 L-dopa Challenge


UPDRS 3 scoring is required for all cases. All patients should complete Baseline section of L-Dopa Challenge beginning on Page 328 of CRF.


1. Is the patient taking L-Dopa?

      If Yes - See Question 2 below. 

      If No - Complete only Baseline section of L-Dopa Challenge


2. Did the patient complete the L-Dopa Challenge at a previous visit?

      If Yes - Complete only Baseline section of L-Dopa Challenge.

      If No - Complete both Baseline and Post-dose sections of L-Dopa Challenge

Patient Visits

Advice for completing patient visits, data entry and expense claims

Shipping Serum Samples

Instructions for transporting samples to Cardiff


Coordinating centre


Current versions of study documents e.g. protocol, ICF


Programmes and slides

Site Closure

Advice on transporting CRFs to Glasgow's coordinating centre

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