Tracking Parkinson's
Tracking Parkinson's

Patient visits

Travel Expenses


Download travel expense forms below.  Forms can be submitted by post or fax, however email is preferred.




Download blank copies of CRFs below.


Visits 0-7

P3 Interim

Visits 8-9

P3 Extension

Visits 10-11


Visits 0-2


Visits 0-2

Admin Entry

Withdrawals and AE/SAE reporting

Data entry

If you have arranged for your data to be entered by the coordinating centre in Glasgow, send scanned CRFs via email.


Visit 8 - 11 Funding

Sites will receive funding for all completed Visits 8 - 11.  The coordinating centre in Glasgow will verify that data for visits is complete then prompt local finance departments to raise invoices quarterly.  


Beyond submitting data for each visit, no action is required by researchers to ensure payments are made.


Send queries to here.  

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