Tracking Parkinson's
Tracking Parkinson's

System messages

Use the links below to send a message to a Study Participant who has registered for online answering of questionnaires.


There are two message types:


1. Welcome Message


You will get an email when a study participant first registers to complete questionnaires online.


You should then send them are welcome email, using the link below.


Also, please note in your own diary when to send a further email, just before the study participant is due for their next visit, to advise them to complete questionnaires online. Note: there is no automatic alert for this from the website 


Link to create Welcome message



2. Visit Message


This refers to the message above, to ask study participants to complete their questionnaires before coming for their study visit.


You can check these questionnaires when they attend - to help complete any missing answers.


Link to create Visit message

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